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History of uploaded files

Endorsement file history

You can now access the history of uploaded files by clicking on the History link.

A pop-up window will open with the historical details of uploaded files containing the following information:

  • Person that made the changes
  • Time and date when the changes were made (in UTC)
  • Status of changes made to the file:
    • - new file uploaded
    • - no changes made to the file
    • - file deleted

Clicking on the file name within the status (e.g.) will open this file. This includes deleted files as they're stored on Leon servers.

If you enabled the opening of attachments in a separate tab of your browser, please make sure that you enabled pop-up windows.

IMPORTANT!!! The history of files applies as off 'NOW'. It doesn't apply to the files uploaded in the past. The history of uploaded files is available both in 'Endorsements' and 'Endorsements for Airports' sections.
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