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Changes in Crew Panel

We have introduced the following changes in the Crew Panel:

  1. Filtering in Crew Panel
  2. Additions to Crew tiles
  3. Deleting draft for one user
  4. Displaying Simulator flights

1. Filtering in Crew Panel

Changes to the 'Crew panel' filtering options have been implemented.

Person and Aircraft filtering options
Other filtering options

The filter in the 'Crew Panel' section is divided into 3 sections:

  • Person - you can filter duties by using 2 available options:
  1. Crew member - insert crew code and click the 'Search' button - Leon will show only that person's duties. It is also possible to filter by multiple crew members. Simply choose the crew from the Crew Member search box and once you have the list of crew click 'SEARCH' button.
  2. User labels - click on the field and Leon will show all crew labels defined in a section Phonebook > Labels (then assigned in crew profiles).
  • Aircraft - you can filter the page by the aircraft type or a tail registration.
  • Show - located in the top-right corner of the 'Crew Panel' and devided into the folloting sections:
  1. Show - to display scheduled Maintenance and Options in the 'Flights' section
  2. Position type - mark/unmark checkboxes: Cockpit, Cabin, Maintenance, Ground & Positioning.
  3. Layout - to display 'Crew' section only, or on both: 'Flights & Crew'
  4. Dim ferry legs - making ferry legs dimmed
  5. Preferred airport code - selecting between ICAO/IATA airport codes
  6. Sort by - display the list of crew in order: Rating (CPT, FO, FA), Known as or Code (alphabetically)

Assigning crew

2. Additions to Crew tiles

We have added 2 additional markers to 'Assign Crew' options indicating:

- crew already assigned to this flight

- crew assigned to OFF duty

3. Deleting draft for one user

Option to clear draft for crewmember

It is possible to clear draft for one Crewmember.

In order to do it:

  1. right-click with your mouse on Crew code
  2. select 'CLEAR DRAFT CHANGES FOR …' from the list
  3. option will display
  4. click 'YES' or 'NO' button for relevant action
IMPORTANT! Selecting 'YES' will remove ALL the planned duties for the crew member.

4. Displaying Simulator flights

When the Crew is assigned to the Simulator flight in section OPS, this 'Simulator' will appear in 'Crew' part of the 'Crew Panel'.

The Simulator will display as a purple belt and will indicate the length of the duty as well as the line suggesting the EOBT.

Clicking on the purple belt will display the simulator details in the bottom section.

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