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'Amenities' subsection has been added in the 'SALES' tab of the Fleet edit section.

This subsection allows inserting the amenities available on the aircraft and including the list of amenities in the sales documents.

Aircraft Amenities

Currently, available amenities are as follow:

  • Smoking - checkbox indicating an available smoking area on the aircraft
  • Wifi - checkbox indicating available wifi on the aircraft
  • WiFi - selection with following options:
    • Internet via Satcom
    • KA Band
    • KU Band
    • SBB (Swift BroadBand)
    • Iridium
  • WiFi cost - an indication of the cost of wifi
  • US DECAL - text field
  • Part 129 - text field
  • 3D weblink - text field where URL to virtual aircraft model can be pasted
  • A/C Spec Sheet weblink - text field where URL to aircraft specifications can be pasted
  • Email address -email address
  • ACARS Email address - ACARS email address
  • Mobile2 - 2nd mobile phone number
  • Mobile3 - 3rd mobile phone number
  • Cabin width - an indication of the width of the cabin
  • Cabin length - an indication of the length of the cabin

These fields are not a direct part of the quoting process.

The relevant fields can be filled in and used on the Sales Documents such as Charter Agreement.

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