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Virtual Fleet

List of virtual aircraft in Fleet settings

The tab VIRTUAL FLEET allows creating a list of virtual aircraft, which are free of charge. There is no limit as to the number of aircraft available. Aircraft added here can be treated as regular tails and be used to plan the schedule ahead without creating the confirmed schedule. The process of creating the list is flexible and up the operator - the tails can be copies of the actual fleet or any types that suit the company policy.

In order to add a new aircraft click and fill out the form.

Virtual aircraft in Calendar view

Once added to the list the aircraft will be visible in all views (table, calendar & timeline) of the OPS panel. The order of displaying the aircraft can be set using the option AIRCRAFT in any of the schedule views, where Active (+Virtual) or All has to be selected in the filter in order to view the virtual aircraft. The order is set up by dragging and dropping the tail in the list.

The virtual tails can be used just like the regular tails in order to plan the schedule. It is possible to add flight details (ie. crew or pax), however, the checklist, the JL&FW and printing any flight documents are not available for those types of aircraft. New flights can be added as regular new trips (virtual aircraft will be displayed at the bottom of the list of available aircraft) and once the schedule is ready the type can be changed in any of the panels. This tool is very useful for planning an airline schedule.

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