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Commanders Discretion update

We have introduced the new way to calculating and displaying Max FDP and warnings when the Commanders Discretion (CD) is used.

If maximum allowed FDP is exceeded, in some situations there is a possibility of using Commanders Discretion. To indicate it in Leon you simply mark 'Discretion' checkbox in JL.

CD below 1 hour default Discretion
CD over 1 hour default Discretion

We have implemented following changes to Commanders Discretion:

  1. 'Discretion' timeframe has been set to 1 hour by default
  2. Using 'Discretion' checkbox automatically extends Max FDP by 1h. This is explained in the tooltip when hovering the mouse over teh Max FDP value in the FTL reports
  3. CD below 1 hour will not be highlighted as a violation in the FTL reports but it will show in the FTL violations report (not highlighted).
  4. CD below 1 hour will not be highlighted in the SCHEDULE view and FTL Calculations section in CREW tab
  5. CD over 1 hour will be highlighted red in the FTL reports and CD column will indicate max allowed Discretion (1 hour) rather than the actual Discretion
It is possible to apply the previous version of 'Commanders Discretion' functionality where it was considered as a violation. For more information please contact Leon Support at
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