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Handling Requests emails 'From' per a base


New functionality for operators with multiple bases has been introduced - defining different emails 'From' for different bases on Handling Requests sheet.

In a section General Settings it is possible to define bases, then assigned aircraft & crew to a particular base (in aircraft or crew profiles).

Defined bases show as a drop-down list when hovering the mouse over an operator's code (in the top-right corner of the screen).

Email 'From' on Handling Requests sheet

It is now possible to automatically show different email 'From' on the Handling Requests sheet, based on the email address inserted for a particular base.

In a section 'Settings' > 'Handling Requests' add an email address 'From' for each base, which should show on the HR sheet in a format:

“Name” <email>

When sending a 'Handling Requests' email to a handler, Leon will show an email address 'From' based on the aircraft base assigned in its profile and the above settings:

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