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If a company has more than one base where the staff is located, then you can define in Leon more bases and assign a proper one to the fleet, crew and other Leon users. This will help you to work on flights, duties and other activities because you will be able to filter Leon by 'Bases'.

  • Defining bases

Click icon and in section General settings (at the bottom of the page) you can define bases. After re-logging right next to your name you will see a drop-down box with the list of bases.

  • Assigning bases to fleet & users

Go to > Fleet and edit a particular aircraft and at the bottom of the screen select the right base. Go back to Settings, click icon Users, edit the profile and assign a base.

  • Filtering sections by a 'Base'

By changing the base in the Flights List, Leon shows fleet assigned only for this particular base along with all flights. The same can be done in sections Planned Flights, Schedule, Timeline, Duties and other pages in Leon.

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