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mccPilotlog changes

Since mccPILOTLOG does have 2 different import* functions which require 2 different csv file formats, we have introduced 2 separate links that allow generating the file format depending on the place of import in mccPilotlog.

1) Import of Previous Experience “via Tools menu” section

  • this is to import the previous experience when a User sets up mccPilotlog for the first time. Any further uploads are to be done via Airline menu section
  • this upload requires at least 20 flights with JL recorded
  • file has a different columns layout from “Airline” upload file
  • the function is located in Tools > Import old Flight Data

2) Import of Airline - Flight Schedule “via Airline menu” section

  • this is to import recent schedules from the airline company, using systems like Leon
  • this is for use on regular basis, such as daily, weekly, monthly
  • this function is located on the Airline page in mccPilotlog

Complete guideline how to use the airline interface is explained here. Leon Software is an OFF LINE interface.

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