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Permits requesting

Setting up email templates for permits

It is possible to request directly from Leon Landing permit and Overflight permit.

In order to make this work, follow these steps.

1. Defining email templates

In a section Settings > Email Templates click and select either 'Landing Permits' or 'Overflight Permits'. You will also need to add name of the template (it can be country or revision).

On the new page you can insert email Subject and below you can re-arrange the default Body, by using Available Data items from the right filter. Another tab Recipients allows to define default email addresses: From, Reply to, CC and BCC. Once it's all set up you can use sending permits requests from the section OPS.

2. Adding permits details

Invalid Link
Inserting permit's details
Sending permits email

In the Checklist panel click button next to 'Landing permit' or 'Overflight permit' items (if items don't appear as default ones, click + ADD ITEM button).

Once a new pop-up window got displayed (see screenshot on the right), fill it in with details, such as:

  1. Country
  2. Supplier
  3. Number
  4. Validity
  5. Revalidation
  6. Note
  7. Status (select from the drop-down box)

You can also mark a checkbox 'Short notice 72h', if necessary. Clicking + button allows adding another permit's details.

3. Requesting permits

The last step is sending a permit email. Click a button and Leon will show a window for sending permit request email with previously set up data, apart from an email address 'TO', which needs to be added manually.

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