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We have introduced the following changes to the Requests/Quotes section:

  1. Possibility of importing 'Airport Fees' from the file
  2. Changes to 'INVOICE' section of the quote
  3. Sales documents include request number in the file name

1. 'Airport Fees' import

Option to import airport fees

It is possible to import aircraft fees from XLS/CSV file to airport fees section by following below steps:

  1. Go to Sales > Fees > Airport Fees
  2. Click on button located in the top-right corner
  3. In the 'Import airport fees' pop-up upload the file
  4. Press 'IMPORT' button
  5. Once the prices have imported, 'SAVE' the new Airport pricelist


Columns Layout comparison

The columns names in the XLS/CSV file has to match the columns names in the 'Aircraft fees' section. Otherwise, the prices will not upload.

The selected airport price list will be completely overwritten with the imported data. Previously created data in this price list will not be available after the import.

2. Change to invoice section

Defining an Invoice details & templates

We have amended the way the dates are displayed in the 'INVOICE' section of the quotation.

Three fields with dates have been added:

  • Invoice Date - date of invoicing
  • Issue Date - date of issuing the Invoice
  • Due Date - due date of the payment. If this field is left blank, Leon will assume 10 days in advance from the 'Invoice Date'

These 3 fields will also display in the Invoice document.

Once the Invoice is sent to a Client, the 'Invoice.pdf' document is available in the Report Wizard scope 'Invoices'. There we added a column called 'Invoice PDF' which contains a link to the particular invoice on the server.

The file is available on the server for a limited time only due to AWS restrictions.

3. Request included in file name

Sales documents will now include Request number in the name of the file as per below screen:

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