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New functionalities are introduced to the Leon Sales panel.

Amenities & Cost in Subcharters


It is possible to add Amenities when creating a quote on Subcharter aircraft. In the quote's edition for Subcharter, we added a new tab 'Amenities' where it's possible to add several amenities, such as:

  • Smoking & Wifi - mark checkboxes to enable them.
  • Wifi type - select between Internat via Satcom, KA band, KU band, SBB (Swift Broadband) and Iridium.
  • Cabin details - width, height, length and volume.
  • Baggage capacity - add a number of items.

Once the 'Amenities' have been added and saved, Leon will remember the items when the next trip on the same subcharter is performed.

Amenities can be added to 'Flight Quotation' document, by using item: 'quote > aircraft > aircraftAmenities' from 'Available data' of the Documents Manager panel.

Leon will also show 'Wifi' & 'Smoking' amenities for Subcharters downloaded from Avinode, which are defined in Avinode's section: Aircraft > Fleet edition > Update amenities.


Subcharter price section

It is now possible to calculate the subcharter price based on the cost.

The 'Price' section is now located above the tabs with the subcharter details.

It allows inserting more detailed price that includes:

  • Operator price - the amount charged by the operator (subcharter price)
  • Third party commission - commission paid to the third-party broker
  • Margin - income margin calculated on top of the total cost

Based on the above elements, the total price is calculated as:

Price = ('Operator price' + 'Third party commission') / (100% - 'Margin'%)

The total price is not editable and keeps the same currency as the price breakdown.

New Fees introduced


  • Extra PAX Fee - it is possible to define a different PAX fee (to the item 'PAX Fee) which should apply above given PAX number.

  • 2nd pilot fee, Take off extras aeroportuaires, Take off extras agent & Take off extras pilot - all these fees should be added manually.


  • Catering PAX Fee - insert catering fee per passenger and Leon will multiply it by PAX number on quote's edition page

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