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New features in RQ

We have introduced following features in Requests/Quotes panel:

  1. 'Recharge Invoice' & 'Credit Note' documents
  2. Uploading Airport Charges to the Quote
  4. Sending files to Avinode
  5. Auto update of the booked trips

Recharge Invoice & Credit Note

We have added 2 new documents, which can be sent to a client from the Invoice section:

  • Recharge Invoice - it can be sent, if there was an extra cost for a service not included in an initial trip cost, i.e. deicing or a limo.
  • Credit Note - it can be sent, if some part of the agreed cost should be returned to client, due to i.e. cancellation of the flight by a client or if the cost of the trip turned out to be lower than the agreed cost and the difference must be returned to a client.

First step to send these documents is adding them in Documents Manager. Here, click and select Recharge Invoice and/or Credit Note. Added documents need to be published (set filter to 'No' and click the white dot). You can define multiple templates of these documents.

Sending 'Recharge Invoice' and 'Credit Note' documents from 'Requests/Quotes' panel

Second step is adding these document in the Invoice section of the quote's edition panel. Click a button + placed right next to the 'Invoice' button and select documents from the list.

It is possible to add more than one 'Recharge Invoice' & 'Credit Note' document when sending Invoice documents to a client, however, each document needs to be sent out separately.

Uploading Airport Charges to the Quote

'Airport Charges' synchronisation example

It is possible to download the Airport Charges directly to the quote.

In order to download the Airport Charges' to quotation, the below steps have to be performed:

  1. Make sure that the integration with 'Airport Charges' is active
  2. Add 'Landing Fee' item to the quote. The 'Airport Charges' are assigned to this item and recalculate upon clicking on icon. As you can see in the screenshot, the total value is a sum of the 'Origin' and 'Destination Charges' and clicking on the arrow next to the 'Landing Fee' will provide you with the breakdown per airport

If 'Landing Fees' item is included in the Aircraft Fees, the quote will initially calculate the fees based on the default price list unless the 'Airport Charges' option is selected. In this case, the default price will be updated based on the 'Airport Charges' and will overwrite the default one.

If the integration is not active, the 'Airport Charges' icon by 'Landing fees' item will still show but will be disabled.


Send Message to Customer option

It is possible to send a message to the Client directly from the 'Requests/Quotes' list.

In order to do that, click with the right-click of a mouse on the request of choice and select SEND MESSAGE TO CUSTOMER option from the pop-up menu.

'SEND MESSAGE TO CUSTOMER' window will open where you can:

  • select email template from available 'Sales Messages' templates
  • attach documents

If the quote comes from Avinode, 'AVINODE' button will be active which will allow sending messages directly to the Avinode chat.

History of correspondence will display below the current message.

Sending files to Avinode

Option to send acceptance to Avinode

It is now possible to include the default documents and attach files when sending the response to Avinode.

When you're accepting the quote from Avinode, by selecting the 'QUOTE' option, 'Accept quote?' pop-up window appears.

In the 'Accept quote?' window you can:

  • Select the aircraft(s) for which you would like to send the response back to Avinode
  • Insert the additional message, which will appear in Avinode
  • Select the attachments that you'd like to send to Avinode. This can be the document template or additional pdf file(s) uploaded to this email

Once the email is sent, the message and files attached will appear in Avinode Marketplace where the content as well as the files will be available:

Auto update of the booked trips

Auto update of the booked trips

It is possible to set up an auto-update of the booked trips. Once a quote's status has been set to 'BOOKED', if quote's schedule has changed, Leon can either automatically update the trip in OPS, or the user can do it manually.


To make it work, mark a checkbox Auto update booked trips in Requests/Quotes in General Settings panel. Once it's done, when changing a quote's schedule, Leon will automatically update the trip in OPS panel (see example on the screenshot on the right).


If an auto update is switched off and the booked quote's schedule changes, Leon will show an orange warning triangle in the button

Click it and select Update trip using (aircraft reg number) quote and Leon will update the trip's schedule in OPS panel.

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