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Day Note in Calendar view

Editing 'Day Note' in Calendar view

It is now possible to add a Day Note per aircraft in the Calendar section.

To add a Day Note follow these steps:

  1. Choose a specific day and aircraft in the Calendar view you would like to add a Day Note for.
  2. Right-click the mouse within this tile to open the dropdown list.
  3. Choose 'Add Day Note' option to open the edit window.
  4. Insert the note and press 'SAVE'.
  5. Once saved, it will display as within the particular tile, it was added to.

Hovering the mouse over the will display the text of the note in the tooltip.

You can also edit and delete the flight note. The process is similar to the one when adding a note. You simply right-click the mouse and choose 'Edit Day Note' option. Edit window will contain both EDIT and DELETE button.

The 'Day Note' doesn't feature anywhere apart from the 'Calendar' view in the SCHEDULE.

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