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CTOT time in Timeline

Leon shows a red bar on the flight times belt if CTOT is filled in in the Flight Watch section.

On the screenshot attached you can see a situation where:

  1. CTOT set for 10:30
  2. The red bar shows on the flight times belt (for total lenght of 15 minutes: 5 before and 10 after) - (S) stands here for SLOT.
  3. Leon shows MAD time as 12:25 because it deducted 5 minutes CTOT time before STD.
  4. Leon also shows that the blue belt starts 10 minutes before STD - 5 minutes for CTOT and 5 minutes for Taxi Out time for GVA.

If you add EET to the Flight Watch, Leon will show flight times belt as on the screenshot below: it shows MAD time as 12:40 because of Taxin In at MAD defined as 10 minutes.

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