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We have made some changes in features 'Airport Brief' & 'Training'.

  1. Airport Brief has been renamed into Online Training in user's profile, tab Personal endorsements.
  2. Airport Directory - section Brief has been renamed into Brief / Training and has been slightly modified.

Airport brief / Trainings

Edit the airport data in 'Airport Directory' and click on the tab Brief / Training to mark if the Airport briefing, Online training or Training is required.

You can also set the expiry date (or prolong it) and upload a pdf file.

Airport brief

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Adding airport brief to Leon airport directory section

Airport briefs provide additional information such as:

  • Airport category
  • RWY
  • ELEV
  • Terrain
  • Weather
  • Ground facilities
  • Special considerations

If you want to add an 'Airport brief' to Leon, mark the checkbox Airport brief available and if necessary set the expiry date and upload a file.

To choose the expiry date of Airport Brief you need to:

  1. Tick the Airport briefing available checkbox. This opens the section where you can prolong Airport Brief.
  2. Click Prolong button to open the Calendar.
  3. Choose the date and accept it by clicking OK button.

In the Flights List the airport code with added airport brief appears with the asterisk:

If the 'Airport Brief' is no longer valid (set expiry date has passed and it hasn't been prolonged yet), the asterisk next to the airport code is red:

Online training

If required, you can add Online Training for a crew member in 2 ways:

  1. Airport Directory - edit section 'Brief / Training' and mark a checkbox Online Training Required.
  2. Personal Endorsements - edit user's profile and in the tab Online Training add airport code. After updating it you can add more details of the online training: number, issue & expiry date, notes, pdf scan.

Leon highlights crew codes in Flights List when option 1 is added (see below).

In New Leon if an 'Online Training' is added in 'Airport Directory', the airport code is surrounded with the line and the crew code is also marked (see below).


You can also add an information to Leon if a particular crew member needs a Training (either on the aircraft or simulator).

Just like with 'Online Training' - you can add a Training either from 'Airport Directory' by marking a checkbox Training required (crew code appears on pink background), or from Personal Endorsements, tab Training.

In the Flights List the indication is the same as with 'Online Training'.

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