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Roster Robustness report

Roster Robustness report is available in section Reports > Crew. It allows to monitor the number of changes made in crew roster after a selected date. This report has been added following the EU OPS requirements introduced in February 2016.

Roster Robustness report

The values displayed on the roster grid are determined by filter settings: time frame + ‘Publish date’. ‘Publish date’ is automatically set to 14 days back, which means that by default the report shows number of changes made during the period of the past 14 days to the time frame set in the filter.


From the report’s perspective a single publication of the roster ‘Plan mode’ does not mean a single change. The report includes every change made in the roster ‘Plan mode’ as a separate change.
  • No value means no changes made ever
  • Value 0 means initial duty input
  • Values 1,2,3 etc. are the number of changes made to this particular duty
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