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Integrations - a general view

Two further configurations have been moved to this section:

  • CAMP - Maintenance software. This has been moved from 'General Settings' section.
  • MyHandling - software to service Handling Requests. This has been moved from 'Handling Request' section.

Activation process is explained below.


CAMP Integration

CAMP Maintenance is the industry’s leading Aircraft Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance Management solution.

In order to activate the integration you need to contact and request User Name and Password for integration with Leon.The integration login details are not the same ones you use to log in to CAMP. Once you have this information you can switch the Status to 'ON' and insert it in the CAMP integration section (Login and Password). Integration will activate upon saving it.

You can always change the password received from CAMP by clicking on 'CONFIGURE' and then 'CHANGE' button.


MyHandling integration

MyHandling is the business aviation planning and management software of choice for airports and FBOs around the globe.

Integration of MyHandling with Leon allows you to implement the process of easily and efficiently sending and managing Handling Requests.

To integrate Leon with MyHandling facility, existing customers have to follow two easy steps:

  • Contact MyHandling Support at in order to obtain the identifier required for integration
  • Once the identifier received, click on 'ENABLE' button, change status to 'ON'. Then, type in this identifier into the GUID field and press SAVE button to finish integration.

Airports using MyHandling do not receive standard email to inbox. Instead they use MyHandling application that stores every handling request sent.

More information on how MyHandling works within Leon can be found here

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