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We have divided the section Fleet into two panels in order to improve managing of aircraft.

In Section Admin > Fleet you can add a new aircraft as well as view aircraft documents and change their numbers, issue & expiry dates and add pdf scans.

By clicking in any tail you can see 2 tabs used by administrators:

  • Edit Aircraft Data - here you can add all aircraft details necessary (check this link for more information).
  • MVT Emails - here you can define MVT emails (more details here).

The other panel in which fleet details are available is the section MX > Fleet. The main view includes the fleet and airframe values. After clicking in any tail you will have 2 tabs available:

  • Documents - in this section you can also define documents details.
  • CAM - here you can insert airframe, engines and APU data (read here for more information).

Section MX > Fleet > Fleet Documents shows the list of all aircraft documents. You can use the filter to navigate the data displaying.

By click in any document you will be re-directed to the page where you can add/change documents details.

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