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Flights Aggragated Statistics reports

Flights Aggragated Statistics report

Flights Aggregated Statistics report allows creating the reports with the data combined from a number of measurements.

In order to create such a report, choose the 'Flights Aggregated Statistics' from the dropdown selection in the pop-up window while adding the new report.

Once you open the report, there are different available data comparing to 'Flight' or 'Positioning' type of report.

Looking at the 'Available Fields' section on the left-hand side, there are 5 measurements available:

  • Flights count
  • Block time [JL] [AVG]
  • Block time [JL] [SUM]
  • Block time [Plan] [AVG]
  • Block time [Plan] [SUM]
Bar chart view

Once you chose the 'Available Fields', the data in the report can be presented in 2 different views:

  • Table view - standard table view upon clicking on icon
  • Bar chart view - view represented in the screenshot on the right-hand side, available upon clicking on the icon. the data shows in a tooltip upon hovering the mouse over the specific bar

The data displayed can be grouped by:

  • Aircraft type - calculating data for a specific type of aircraft
  • PAX - calculating data for PAX

The filtering options are also limited to selecting aircraft, aircraft type and the flights with or without Journey Log.

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