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Handling Requests section re-arrangement

Handling Requests panel has been split into 2 tabs.


Here you can find all HR settings, such as:

  • General Settings - enabling sending of HR emails or testing it.
  • HR status changes - an option to modify how HR status should react if it comes to particular changes made in the flight schedule, crew or PAX changes.
  • HR emails default definitions - setting up default email From, CC or Bcc address, etc…
  • Default email contents - defining email content, cancellation content, requested items, HOTAC details, billing info or footer.
  • Default requested items per an aircraft - an option to define different items for a specific aircraft.

Sending rules

In this section you can define whether Leon should disable sending HR emails for the entire fleet to a particular airport/airports. Or should Leon enable sending HR emails for just one tail, to a particular airport/airports.

For the better description of this functionality check this link.

GAR emails

GAR emails section can now be found in a section Settings > General Settings, as a separate tab.

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