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Requesting duties via Mobile App

We have added an option enabling the crew members to request duties via the Mobile App. The request will immediately on the Crew roster, so that the Crew Planner can either accept the request or reject it.

Adding new request
The list of requests

In order to request a duty, select the menu “Requests” and use the icon

Select a start date, end date, and the duty, ie.: day off/holiday/training.

The list consists of all duties defined by the operator in Settings > Duties Setup. It is also possible to enter a note, ie.: with the reason for the request. This note will be viewed along with the request by the person planning duties.

In order to delete the request, go back to the list of requests, select the one you would like to delete and use the option “Delete” and confirm.

Once the duty is requested, the person/dept responsible for planning duties will see the request in the roster - the requested duty will appear in brackets - if the request is approved, will be able to remove the request and assign the requested duty instead. In such case, the request will be removed from the list of requests in the Mobile App and replaced with the actual duty in the Mobile App calendar.

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