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'Third Party Commission'

Following improvements have been applied:

  1. 'Third Party Commission' introduced to 'Cost & Margin' method of quoting
  2. 'Third Party Commission' re-arranged in the Subcharter option

Cost & Margin

Quote based on 'Costs & margin'

'Third Party Commission is now available in the 'Cost & margin' method of quoting.

The major difference is that in the summary section, there are now 5 elements:

  • Cost - this is the sum of the total costs
  • Margin - default margin used to calculate the price. Can be manually overwritten
  • Price without commission - amount for the Client without third party commission. Calculated in a way that required margin is achieved:
    • Price = 'Cost' /(100% - 'Margin'%)
  • Third Party Commission - the amount of commission paid to the third party, e.g. a broker
  • Total price - the price that is a sum of 'Price without commission' and the 'Third Party Commission'

Additionally, hovering the mouse over each of the calculated amounts will display a tooltip with the cost/price calculated per hour of:

  • Flight time and,
  • Block time


Subcharter price section

The price breakdown section for Subcharter's has been re-arranged as per below:

  • Operator price - the amount charged by the operator (subcharter price)
  • Margin - income margin calculated on top of the Operator price
  • Third party commission - commission paid to the third-party broker

Due to this update, the way the total price is calculated also changed.

The way the total price is calculated is as follow:

Price = 'Operator price' /(100% - 'Margin'%) + 'Third Party Commission'

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